Fertilaid for Women with Regular Cycles

We often receive the question, “Can you take Fertilaid for women if you have a regular cycle and ovulate on your own?” While FertilAid for Women does help to normalize an irregular cycle, there are many other benefits realized by those who happen to have regular cycles. FertilAid offers complete vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant support (including folic acid) that is optimized specifically for trying-to-conceive women. The herbal components, in addition to helping balance hormonal levels, have also been shown in various studies to enhance conception rates.

From time to time women with regular cycles may notice slight changes when first starting with FertilAid. This is perfectly normal as there may be an adjustment period with the body beginning to assimilate the new vitamins, minerals and herbs. Things generally normalize after the first cycle or two and, again, for most women this is generally not an issue.

FertilAid is a natural, non prescription, doctor-recommended formula which receives a great deal of positive feedback from women with irregular and normal menstrual cycles. It is the only fertility supplement that combines all the recommended daily requirements of a prenatal vitamin along with a proprietary blend of fertility enhancing herbs.

Read more about FertilAid and it’s various ingredients by visiting www.FertilAid.com.

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4 Responses to “Fertilaid for Women with Regular Cycles”

  1. Crystal AJ says:

    I will share with you…

    I am 39 years old and my husband is 50. We both have two separate but we are trying for one together.. It was easy years ago… Im not ready for clomid since we have only been trying for 4 months… I received my fertilaid for women. Took my 3 pill dosage yesterday… Cycle came 9/20/09. I have my cycle every 20 to 25 days.. I don’t skip months.. I had a lapriscopy and they said that my tubes were clear… They used this blue dye for the procedure…

  2. Shereiss Norton says:

    I am 33 years old now but my husband and i tried for 12 years to get pregnant we heard about fertilaid in a magazine took it for less than a month and got pregnant. I am going to give birth to a baby girl any day now so don’t give up fertilaid for men and women really works.

  3. alpha says:

    bought this product,hopefully it works i really need a baby,waiting on results

  4. Earnest Pono says:

    Hi, should prenatal vitamins be taken even if the person is not intending on getting pregnant? My girlfriend has started taking prenatal vitamins because she believes it’s a good source of vitamins that would otherwise be absent in her system with a regular diet. However, we started wondering if the vitamins could possibly interfere with the hormones in her birth control pills and/or cause her to get pregnant… we are not planning on having kids any time soon so we want to know if the prenatal vitamins could cause her to get pregnant. Thank you in advance for your help.

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